Late Model results

October 16, 2017

2017 Sunoco World Series Late Model Feature Results

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Late Model Feature Race (25 Laps)
117Matthew Lowinski-Loh25
278Walter Sutcliffe25
34MAWilliam Wall25
43Glenn Boss25
597Ernie LaRose25
65Tom Carey III25
791CTWoody Pitkat25
881Paul Charette25
998Ray Parent25
1022RIMark Jenison25
1155XTom Carey Jr.25
1272Ryan Kuhn25
1350RIMichael Benevides25
141Ryan Lineham25
1581CTTyler Chapman25
166Nicholas Johnson25
1720John Lowinski-Loh25
1871Michael Lindquist25
1955John Warren25
2060Joe Parker25
2111MARandel Tucker25
2217RIVinnie Arrenegado Jr.25
2313Jared Materas25
247Richie Morrocco24
2522MAPaul Lallier9
2631Ryan Morgan7
September 12, 2017

2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Late Model Feature Results

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2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Late Model Feature Results
131Ryan Morgan25
255John Warren25
317Matthew Lowinski-Loh25
498Ray Parent25
591CTWoody Pitkat25
64MAWilliam Wall25
781Paul Charette25
822RIMark Jenison25
920John Lowinski-Loh25
1072Ryan Kuhn25
1197Ernie LaRose25
1244Michael Mitchell22
1350RIMichael Benevides8
145Tom Carey III8
156Nicholas Johnson8
1611MARandel Tucker8
1771Michael Lindquist8
1813Jared Materas8
193Glenn Boss4
August 9, 2017

2017 Bud 'King of Beers' 150

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Late Model Feature
191CTWoody Pitkat25
24MAWilliam Wall25
398Ray Parent25
455John Warren25
56Nicholas Johnson25
681Paul Charette25
73Glenn Boss25
878Walter Sutcliffe25
911MARandel Tucker25
107Morrocco Richie22
115Tom Carey III11
1250RIMichael Benevides1
1322RIMark JenisonDNS
1470Rick GentesDQ
1517Matthew Lowinski-LohDQ
1697Ernie LaRoseDQ
169Brian TaggDQ
July 11, 2017

2017 Inaugural NASCAR Busch North Throwback 100

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Late Model Feature
117Matthew Lowinski-Loh25
29Brian Tagg25
33Glenn Boss25
45Tom Carey III25
670Rick Gentes25
750RIMichael Benevides25
898Ray Parent25
94MAWilliam Wall25
106Nicholas Johnson25
1181Paul Charette25
1293CTRaymond Christian III25
1331Joe Curioso25
1422RIMark Jenison25
1597Ernie LaRose25
1655John Warren25
1744Michael Mitchell25
1811MARandy Tucker25
June 14, 2017

2017 Thompson 125 - Late Models

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2017 - Thompson 125 Late Models Feature Results
1.98Ray Parent25
2.5Tom Carey III25
3.81Paul Charette25
4.4MAWilliam Wall25
5.17Matthew Lowinski-Loh25
6.70Rick Gentes25
7.20John Lowinski-Loh25
8.91CTWoody Pitkat25
9.6Nicholas Johnson25
10.3CTRyan Morgan25
11.93CTRaymond Christian III25
12.22RIMark Jenison25
13.3Glenn Boss25
14.9Brian Tagg25
15.11MARandel Tucker25
16.78Walter Sutcliffe25
17.75Louis Romiza25
18.55John Warren25
19.50RIMichael Benevides23
20.77Richard Duranti20
21.97Ernie LaRose18
May 21, 2017

2017 Limited Sportsman Long Distance & Military Night, Presented by Pepsi

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170Rick Gentes25
24MAWilliam Wall25
398Ray Parent25
43CTRyan Morgan25
593CTRaymond Christian III25
691CTWoody Pitkat25
797Ernie LaRose25
83Glenn Boss25
922RIMark Jenison25
106Nicholas Johnson25
1120John Lowinski-Loh25
1250RIMichael Benevides25
139Brian Tagg25
1413Jared Materas25
1555John Warren25
1611MARandel Tucker25
1783Chris Garside25
1817Matthew Lowinski-Loh 24
1931Zach Robinson24
2075Louis Romiza24
2177Richard Duranti24
2278Walter Sutcliffe23
2381Paul Charette21
2404Branden Dion14
255Tom Carey III
April 10, 2017

2017 Icebreaker - Late Model

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Late Model Feature Race (25 Laps)
1.98Ray Parent25
2.31Ryan Morgan25
3.22RIMark Jenison25
4.04Brandon Dion25
5.6Nick Johnson25
6.13Jared Materas25
7.78Walt Sutcliffe25
8.20John Lowinski-Loh25
9.9MaBrian Tagg25
10.70Rick Gentes25
11.55Brandon Warren25
12.98CtChris Garside25
13.15Buddy Charette25
14.50RIMike Benevides25
15.97Ernie LaRose25
16.50Jeremy Lillie25
17.4William Wall25
18.93Ray Christian III24
19.5Tom Carey III2
20.91Woody Pitkat2
21.11RICorey Fanning2
22.75Louis Romiza2
23.17Matt Lowinski-LohDQ
October 14, 2016

Sunoco World Series - Late Model

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170Rick Gentes25
293Ray Christian Jr25
34William Wall25
46Nick Johnson25
591Larry Gelinas25
617Matt Lowinski-Loh25
79MaBrian Tagg25
870RiScott Serydynski25
97John Lowinski-Loh25
1015Jeff Smith25
1183Christopher Garside25
1211Randy Tucker25
138Crystal Serydynski25
1413Jared Materas9
1531Ryan Morgan9
1655Brandon Warren9
1711RiCorey Fanning9
1875Louis Romiza8
1921VtStuart Wheeldan7
203Jeremy Lillie
2116Michael Bennett
2211MaNick Uhrig
DQ5Tom Carey III25
August 24, 2016

Pepsi Back to School Night - Late Model Feature

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19MaBrian Tagg25
24William Wall25
36Nick Johnson25
470Rick Gentes25
513Jared Materas25
617Matt Lowinski-Loh24
755Brandon Warren18
DQ27Marc Curtis25
DQ23CtLloyd Anderson Jr.25
August 10, 2016

Bud 150 - Late Model Feature

The Late Models saw a comeback victory by a familiar name as William Wall continued his strong 2016 season.

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The Late Models saw a comeback victory by a familiar name as William Wall continued his strong 2016 season. Wall claimed his fourth victory of the year at Thompson after having to work his way to the front in the 25-lap feature. Matt Lowinski-Loh, Rick Gentes and Brian Tagg traded positions within the top three for much of the event, but Wall took advantage of a good car and a late race caution to take the lead and, eventually, the win. Wall extended his points lead over Gentes, who recovered from a mid-race spin to finish third. “It all worked out in my favor,” said Wall in victory lane about a very eventful race. “I just can’t thank everyone enough.”


14William Wall25
217Matt Lowinski-Loh25
370Rick Gentes25
49MaBrian Tagg25
591Larry Gelinas25
623CtLloyd Anderson Jr.25
755Brandon Warren25
870RiScott Serydyniski25
913Jared Materas25
1027Marc Curtis2

Race statistics

LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH: 1. William Wall (Shrewsbury, MA); 2. Matt Lowinski-Loh (Milford, MA); 3. Rick Gentes (Harrisville, RI); 4. Brian Tagg (Oxford, MA); 5. Larry Gelinas (Buxton, ME); 6. Lloyd Anderson, Jr (Wauregan, CT); 7. Brandon Warren (Chicopee, MA); 8. Scott Serydyniski (West Greenwich, RI); 9. Jared Materas (Westfield, MA); 10. Marc Curtis (Brookfield, MA)

Great racing at a great price.....plenty of cars, and you can't beat the concession prices!