Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park based in Thompson, CT is looking for a full-time (seasonal only) and on-site Corner Marshal to join it's Road Course Corner Marshall Program. This position will report directly to the Road Course Corner Marshal Manager. 
Corner Marshals are the means of communication with all on track driving activities. By using a series of flags, Marshals communicate anything from emergency situations to race course conditions. Corner Marshals also communicate via radio, to race control, conditions or situations that require attention from track emergencies services, or track clean up and restoration. Upon request from track personal, (clean up, restoration or fire/EMS personal ) may join on track activities to assist.
This position requires at least 75% of road course event attendance (and all major road course events) through the summer schedule. TSMP's GM expects between 140-160 road course events and up to 10 major road course events in the 2017 season. 
 Corner Marshals may at times be asked to perform other duties having a direct impact on track operations. These duties may include but are  not limited to, operating as grid or pit stewards, operating as a relief marshal during endurance events, operating track vehicles such as clean up trucks, wreckers or roll back. Additional duties maybe assigned based on  “down time”, during an event.
The Corner Marshal, along with the entire TSMP staff must embody the mission statement and core values of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. Experience in the Motorsports industry is strongly preferred, but not required. 
Critical Job Requirements: 
  • Must understand the physical strain associated with standing for long periods of time under stressful circumstances including but not limited to, traumatic vehicle accidents, excessive heat or cold and limited breaks for biological concerns.
  • Requires use of portable radio equipment, following all the prescribed instructions, and be able to diagnose and or trouble shoot communication malfunctions. Further, must able to relay issues to another road course station(s), using hand signals.
  • Must be familiar with the meanings and purposes of displaying flags within their assigned work area or station.
  • Ensure the safe operation of events, and appropriate responses to on track incidents
  • Fully aware of all policies and procedures used by TSMP in reference to track usage, as well as all safety and emergency policies. 
  • Upon request, write after action reports.
Well qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. 
Please submit your CV/Resume to roadcourse@thompsonspeedway.com with a subject line of "Corner Marshal Position'