Jordan O’Brien Has No Room for Error in MSD Legends at Thompson

Friday, July 21, 2017


Jordan O’Brien Has No Room for Error in MSD Legends at Thompson

THOMPSON, CT - Jordan O’Brien, the Icebreaker, Road Race Style Champion, has had a fairly “successful” season so far at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in the Midstate Site Development (MSD) Legends Series. He has has won the Icebreaker, Road Race Style and has won the pole in the first Summer Road Race Series. He, ultimately, ended up taking second in both races. Trouble ensued, however, on May 7, when his gasket blew, forcing the Maine drive to retire from the race.  Oddly enough, it was dust that caused the gasket failure.  

“Dust would be the least of my problems, seeing as it had a blown gasket and stripped head bowl. I borrowed a race motor that needed some work. It had been sitting on the shop floor of No. 42 Steve Johnson gathering dust. I am determined to get it up and running again heading into Summer Road Race Series #2 this weekend!,” O’Brien explained.

Effort equals results.  That is O’Brien’s mantra.

“As long as you have the drive and the time to put in, you’ll be at no disadvantage,” he said confidently.

O’Brien will need every advantage he can get, as he has some fierce competition in round five of the Midstate Site Development Legends Series Championship. Noah Korner, after getting off to a slow start, swept both round three and four. Current point leader, Teddy Hodgdon, has registered consistent finishes in each of the first four races this year. Veteran driver, Steve Johnson, is also showing some speed on the 1.7-mile circuit, currently third in the point standings.

“Teddy Hodgdon No. 28 car has been consistently improving speed each time out on the track” he said. “That’s why it’s going to be a hard battle.”

Hodgdon has been chasing O’Brien with two consecutive third place wins.

“The only advantage I have is if someone has a bad day” he said, quickly adding in, “I don't wish that upon anybody, but there is definitely going to be a three way battle, at the very least, between us.” The more competition the better for O’Brien: “Hopefully we’ll see another car come out of their shell and bring it up to the front with us” he said eagerly, “Hopefully we can have a huge battle fleet”.

O’Brien is replacing his old motor with a more powerful one in hopes of leveling the field. He’ll be an even stronger contender for the win at Thompson.

Summer Road Race Series #2 will kick off this weekend on July 23. The paddock gates open at 10am with practice commencing at 12:15pm. For more information, visit