Sunoco Modified results

October 16, 2017

2017 Sunoco World Series Sunoco Modified Feature Results

Full results
Sunoco Modified Feature Race (30 Laps)
181Todd Owen30
250Chase Dowling30
357Keith Rocco30
431KStephen Kopcik30
547Timmy Jordan30
66Woody Pitkat30
71NYKyle Ellwood30
807Bert Marvin30
927John Studley30
1031Ryan Preece30
1187Craig Lutz30
1206Joey Gada30
1324Josh Wood30
1468Marcello Rufrano30
1576Shelly Perry30
1600Kyler Cafro30
1726Daniel Cates30
1817NYRuss Savoy30
198Nick Salva30
2012Dennis Krupski30
2117CTAdam Gada28
223Troy Talman27
2332Michael Gervais26
2462Leslie Rose26
2502Paul LaPlante17
2616Rowan Pennink17
September 12, 2017

2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Sunoco Modified Feature Results

The 20/20 event consisted of three segments, two 20 lap races and a third ten-lap feature, with the first event ordered by qualifying, the second inverting the field for the starting lineup based off the finishing positions in the first event and the third and final segment utilizing timing in the first race to set the field. With the first two segments being points paying races Drivers will be credited with points based upon their finishing position (i.e. 1st is 1 point; 10th is 10 points, Etc.) in each of the three segments. At the end of the third segment, the driver with the lowest number of points will be the overall winner. The Purse will be paid based not he overall results. NASCAR and TSMP Championship points will be awarded for the first two segments based upon finishing position.

Full results
2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Sunoco Modified Feature Results
181Todd Owen7232
26Woody Pitkat11353
357Keith Rocco14914
431Ryan Preece14725
527John Studley17548
63Troy Talman196121
787Stephan Masse214116
88Nick Salva23887
906Joey Gada271269
1047Timmy Jordan39101910
1168Marcello Rufrano39181011
122Robert Hyer4019912
1362Leslie Rose42141315
147Andrew Charron4424713
1502Paul LaPlante47151418
1625Nick Giardina47161516
1735MEKris Watson50171617
1876Shelly Perry58212314
1979Ted Christopher11711799
2017CTAdam Gada128111899
2136Jason Sundeen133132199
2239Corey Barry141202299
2377Matt Gallo142232099
2442Kyler Cafro220229999
August 9, 2017

2017 Bud 'King of Beers' 150

Full results
Sunoco Modified Feature
157Keith Rocco30
287Stephan Masse30
379Ted Christopher30
46Woody Pitkat30
581Todd Owen30
606Joey Gada30
727John Studley30
877Matt Gallo30
968Marcello Rufrano30
1042Kyler Cafro27
1102Paul LaPlante20
127Andrew Charron19
133Troy Talman17
1447Timmy Jordan17
1536Jay Sundeen17
1616Rowan Pennink17
1776Shelly Perry17
1831Ryan Preece14
198Nick Salva4
2017CTAdam Gada1
2125Nick GiardinaDNS
July 11, 2017

2017 Inaugural NASCAR Busch North Throwback 100

Full results
Sunoco Modified
181Todd Owen30
213Ted Christopher30
487Stephan Masse30
527John Studley30
68Nick Salva30
706Joey Gada30
817Adam Norton30
931Ryan Preece30
107Andrew Charron30
1176Shelly Perry30
1217CTAdam Gada30
1302Paul LaPlante30
1436Jason Sundeen30
1535MEKris Watson30
1647Timmy Jordan30
1757Keith Rocco7
1825Nick Giardina4
196Woody Pitkat2
June 14, 2017

2017 Thompson 125 - Sunoco Modifieds

Full results
2017 - Thompson 125 Sunoco Modified Feature Results
1.3Troy Talman30
2.57Keith Rocco30
3.31Ryan Preece30
4.6Woody Pitkat30
5.47Timmy Jordan30
6.16Rowan Pennink30
7.81Todd Owen30
8.87Stephan Masse30
9.27John Studley30
10.7Andrew Charron30
11.8Nick Salva30
1206Joey Gada30
13.17CTAdam Gada30
14.13Ted Christopher30
15.02Paul LaPlante30
16.01CTBill McNeil13
17.17Adam Norton12
18.79Ronnie Williams12
19.26Daniel Cates12
20.42Kyler Cafro12
21.01Andrew Dzenkowski1
22.36Jason Sundeen
23.90Renee Dupuis
24.76Shelly Perry
May 21, 2017

2017 Limited Sportsman Long Distance & Military Night, Presented by Pepsi

Full results
157Keith Rocco30
231Ryan Preece30
36Woody Pitkat30
48Nick Salva30
527John Studley30
63Troy Talman30
781Todd Owen30
877Matt Gallo30
926Daniel Cates30
109Paul Buzel30
1107Bert Marvin30
127Andrew Charron30
1362Leslie Rose30
1401Andrew Dzenkowski30
1525Nick Giardina29
1679Ronnie Williams15
1749Jake Bercham14
1868Marcello Rufrano11
1936Jason Sundeen4
2047Timmy Jordan3
2187Stephan Masse3
2276Shelly Perry2
2313Ted Christopher2
2416Rowan Pennink2
2501CTBill McNeil2
2602Paul LaPlante2
2742Kyler Cafro2
2817Adam Norton2
April 10, 2017

2017 Icebreaker - Sunoco Modified Feature

Full results
Sunoco Modified Feature Race (30 Laps)
1.31Ryan Preece30
2.57Keith Rocco30
3.16Rowan Pennink30
4.6Woody Pitkat30
5.79Ronnie Williams30
6.26Danny Cates30
7.17Adam Norton30
8.81Todd Owen30
9.27John Studley30
10.8Nick Salva30
11.13Ted Christopher30
12.47Timmy Jordan30
13.77Matt Gallo30
14.7Andrew Charron30
15.01Andrew Dzenkowski30
16.42Kyle Kafro30
17.76Shelly Perry30
18.01CtBill McNeil30
19.12Dennis Krupski30
20.35MeKris Watson29
21.68Marcello Rufano16
22.62Les Rose16
23.02Paul LaPlante16
24.36Jason Sundeen12
25.69Carlos Grey4
October 16, 2016

Sunoco World Series - Sunoco Modified

Full results
131Ryan Preece30
216Rowan Pennink30
359Ronnie Williams30
46Woody Pitkat30
557Keith Rocco30
671Matt Gallo30
727John Studley30
826Danny Cates30
978Nick Salva30
1085Mike Benevides30
1194Justin Gaydosh30
127Bert Marvin30
132Robert Hyer30
1440MaEddie LeClerc30
1531KSteven Kopcik30
1654Joey Parker30
1762Les Rose30
1842Kyle Kafro29
1912Dennis Krupski29
201mAdam Norton29
212Paul LaPlante29
2236Jason Sundeen29
2349Jake Berchem29
2447Timmy Jordan17
August 24, 2016

Pepsi Back to School Night - Sunoco Modified Feature #2

Full results
131Ryan Preece25
257Keith Rocco25
316Rowan Pennink25
46Woody Pitkat25
559Ronnie Williams25
671Matt Gallo25
736Jason Sundeen25
844Jeff Gallup25
91mAdam Norton25
1031KSteven Kopcik25
1140Kyle Trainor25
1240MaEddie LeClerc25
1327John Studley25
1442Kyle Kafro24
1554Joey Parker11
August 24, 2016

Pepsi Back to School Night - Sunoco Modified Feature #1

Full results
131Ryan Preece25
257Keith Rocco25
359Ronnie Williams25
46Woody Pitkat25
516Rowan Pennink25
636Jason Sundeen25
71mAdam Norton25
844Jeff Gallup25
971Matt Gallo25
1027John Studley25
1140Kyle Trainor25
1240MaEddie LeClerc25
1354Joey Parker25
1442Kyle Kafro25
1552John Catania1
DQ31KSteven Kopcik25
Great racing at a great price.....plenty of cars, and you can't beat the concession prices!