Limited Sportsman results

October 16, 2017

2017 Sunoco World Series Limited Sportsman Feature Results

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Limited Sportsman Feature Race (20 Laps)
113Jeff Van Pelt20
281Jesse Gleason20
351CTTravis Jurcik20
473Larry Barnett20
537Kevin Mason20
601Brent Gleason20
755Shawn Monahan20
814Zack Robinson20
939Jon Porter20
1079Robert Bloxsom III20
1124Corey Coates20
1201XChris Douton20
1367Brandon Plemons20
1452CTRob Janovic Jr.20
1537CTJordan Hadley20
1646John Carpenter20
1764Michael Malbaurn20
1845Tom Shea20
1936Scott Sundeen20
2011Jack Aquilina20
213Kevin Bowe20
221Scott Cook20
2329Meghan Fuller9
2402Michael Palin9
2552Al Stone III8
2613TCMike Hopkins3
2775Ryan Waterman2
2826Steve Kenneway0
2910Charles (Hank) Stott0
3007Jason LafayetteDNQ
3121Brandon FisherDNQ
3227Edmund CorreiaDNQ
3395Brendon HoughtonDNQ
3424Randall Waterman Jr.DNS
3547Corey FanningDQ
September 12, 2017

2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Limited Sportsman Feature Results

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2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Limited Sportsman Feature Results
136Scott Sundeen20
201Brent Gleason20
326Steve Kenneway20
455Shawn Monahan20
575Ryan Waterman20
681Jesse Gleason20
702Michael Palin20
873Larry Barnett20
93Kevin Bowe20
1047Corey Fanning20
1111Jack Aquilina20
1229Meghan Fuller20
1345Tom Shea20
1410Charles (Hank) Stott20
1527Edmund Correia20
1646John Carpenter20
1714Zack Robinson20
1831Nick Bendiak20
1924Randall Waterman Jr.20
2013Jeff Van Pelt11
2164Michael Malbaurn11
2243Anthony Pandozzi9
2315Dwayne Dorr7
247Troy Waterman4
2537Kevin MasonDQ
262Nick AndersonDNS
August 9, 2017

2017 Bud 'King of Beers' 150

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Limited Sportsman Feature
101Brent Gleason20
255Shawn Monahan20
352Al Stone III20
426Steve Kenneway20
529Meghan Fuller20
611Jack Aquilina20
745Tom Shea20
810Charles (Hank) Stott20
943Anthony Pandozzi20
1053Dana Young19
1146John Carpenter10
1227Edmund Correia10
1395Brendon Houghton10
1473Larry Barnett6
1537Kevin Mason6
1602Michael Palin6
1713Jeff Van Pelt6
1824Randall Waterman Jr.6
1936Scott Sundeen1
2081Jesse GleasonDQ
2175Ryan WatermanDQ
223Kevin BoweDNS
2347Daniel CoutuDNS
247Troy WatermanDQ
July 11, 2017

2017 Inaugural NASCAR Busch North Throwback 100

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Limited Sportsman
101Brent Gleason20
255Shawn Monahan20
336Scott Sundeen20
475Ryan Waterman20
581Jesse Gleason20
602Michael Palin20
73Kevin Bowe20
845Tom Shea20
924Randall Waterman Jr.20
1027Edmund Correia20
1110Charles (Hank) Stott20
1246John Carpenter20
1379Robert Bloxsom III20
1429Meghan Fuller19
1500Nick Anderson13
1647Daniel Coutu10
1773Larry Barnett9
1826Steve Kenneway2
197Troy Waterman2
June 14, 2017

2017 Thompson 125 - Limited Sportsmans

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2017 - Thompson 125 Limited Sportsman Feature Results
1.73Larry Barnett20
2.55Shawn Monahan20
3.36Scott Sundeen20
4.75Ryan Waterman20
5.01Brent Gleason20
6.17Jason Chicolas20
7.11Jack Aquilina20
8.26Steve Kenneway20
9.7Troy Waterman20
10.3Kevin Bowe20
11.37Kevin Mason20
12.24Randall Waterman Jr.20
13.45Tom Shea20
14.27Edmund Correia20
15.46John Carpenter20
16.02Michael Palin10
17.77Phil Jacques7
19.1Scott Cook
20.81Jesse Gleason
21.10Hank Stott
May 21, 2017

2017 Limited Sportsman Long Distance & Military Night, Presented by Pepsi

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175Ryan Waterman30
255Shawn Monahan30
336Scott Sundeen30
437Kevin Mason30
581Jesse Gleason30
63Kevin Bowe30
773Larry Barnett30
852 Al Stone III30
981CTTyler Chapman30
107Troy Waterman30
1117Jason Chicolas30
1280Norm Root30
1326Steve Kenneway30
1410Charles (Hank) Stott30
1502Michael Palin30
1646John Carpenter30
1713Jeff Van Pelt26
1829Meghan Fuller18
1915Dwayne Dorr15
2012Bo Norman15
2177Phil Jacques15
2211Jack Aquilina15
2327Edmund Correia14
2445Tom Shea9
2591Brandon Plemons7
2639Jon Porter7
2764Michael Malbaurn7
281Scott Cook3
2901Brent GleasonDQ
3087Chris MeyerDQ
April 10, 2017

2017 Icebreaker - Limited Sportsman

Full results
Limited Sportsman Feature Race (20 Laps)
1.81Jesse Gleason20
2.36Scott Sundeen20
3.87Chris Meyer20
4.75Ryan Waterman20
5.55Shawn Monohan20
6.01Brett Gleason20
7.73Larry Barnett20
8.77Phil Jacques20
9.7Troy Waterman20
10.02Mike Palin20
11.37Kevin Mason20
12.13Jeff VanPelt20
13.45Tommy Shea20
14.3Kevin Bowe20
15.11Jack Aquilina20
16.39Jon Porter20
17.26Steve Kenneway20
18.1Scott Cook19
19.46John Carpenter19
20.27Ed Correia19
21.31Nick Bendiak19
22.29Meghan Fuller19
23.00Nick Anderson19
24.10Hank Stott19
25.47Dan Coutu18
26.12Bo Norman5
27.24Randy Waterman
October 16, 2016

Sunoco World Series - Xtra Mart Ltd. Sportsman

Full results
177Phil Jacques20
201Brent Gleason20
338Corey Hutchins20
487Chris Meyer20
515Dwayne Dorr20
675Ryan Waterman20
736Scott Sundeen20
811Jack Aquilina20
952CtRob Janovic Jr20
1052Al Stone20
1118CtJosh Galvin20
1255Ed Puleo20
1329Corey Coates20
1473Larry Barnett20
1551CtTravis Jurcik20
162Corey Fanning20
177Troy Waterman20
1813Jeff VanPelt20
193Kevin Bowe20
2046John Carpenter20
2121Brandon Fisher20
2200Nick Anderson20
2324Randy Waterman19
2425Glenn Boss19
2545Tommy Shea19
2637Kevin Mason19
2747Dan Coutu18
2831James Bendiak12
2981Jesse Gleason12
3078Micheal Hopkins6
3191Brandon Clemmons5
3251Joshua Wood5
3327Ed Correia5
3439Jon Porter
August 24, 2016

Pepsi Back to School Night - Xtra Mart Ltd. Sportsman Feature

Full results
136Scott Sundeen20
275Ryan Waterman20
301Brent Gleason20
452Al Stone20
573Larry Barnett20
611Jack Aquilina20
725Jesse Gleason20
851Joshua Wood20
97Troy Waterman20
1002Mike Palin20
1177Phil Jacques20
1245Tommy Shea20
1310Hank Stott20
1446John Carpenter20
1547Dan Coutu20
1600Nick Anderson20
1727Ed Correia Jr20
1838Corey Hutchins12
1924Randy Waterman7
DQ2Corey Fanning7
August 10, 2016

Bud 150 - Xtra Mart Limited Sportsman

Josh Wood led across the finish line and took home his third win of the season at the Big T.

Full results

The XtraMart Limited Sportsman Series also saw good, competitive racing as several drivers made a hard push for a victory. Jesse Gleason held the early lead but it was Corey Hutchings and Josh Wood who created the most fireworks in the 20-lap feature. The two drivers raced side by side for several laps, even trading a bit of paint at one point, and endured several restarts as they battled for the top spot. While Hutchings led at the halfway point, Josh Wood led across the finish line and took home his third win of the season at the Big T, spoiling Hutchings’ push for his second win of the season.
“This car was really fast. I have to thank the crew. They work diligently week after week to put this car back together especially after a couple races ago when I hit the wall,” Wood said in victory lane. “To be back in victory lane is great. I just drive the car, the crew works on it and without them I wouldn’t be here.”

Points leader Ryan Waterman held on for a third place finish while Brent Gleason and Phil Jacques rounded out the top five.

151Joshua Wood20
238Corey Hutchins20
375Ryan Waterman20
401Brent Gleason20
577Phil Jacques20
636Scott Sundeen20
773Larry Barnett20
87Troy Waterman20
955Ed Puleo20
1045Tommy Shea20
112Corey Fanning20
1225Jesse Gleason20
1324Randy Waterman20
1400Nick Anderson19
1510Hank Stott14
1646John Carpenter13
1727Ed Correia8
DNS31James Bendiak13
DQ47Dan Coutu

Race statistics

XTRAMART LIMITED SPORTSMAN SERIES FINISH: 1. Joshua Wood (Palmer, MA); 2. Corey Hutchings (Salem, CT); 3. Ryan Waterman (Danielson, CT); 4. Brent Gleason (Griswold, CT); 5. Phil Jacques (Dudley, MA); 6. Scott Sundeen (Sutton, MA); 7. Larry Barnett (Moosup, CT); 8. Troy Waterman (Killingly, CT); 9. Ed Puleo (Branford, CT); 10. Tommy Shea (New London, CT); 11. Corey Fanning (Maple Valley, Rhode Island); 12. Jesse Gleason (Lisbon, CT); 13. Randy Waterman (Danielson, CT); 14. Nick Anderson (Oxford, CT); 15. Hank Stott (Medway, MA); 16. John Carpenter (North Grosvenordale, CT); 17. Ed Correia (Raynhyam, MA)

Great racing at a great price.....plenty of cars, and you can't beat the concession prices!