Mini Stock results

October 16, 2017

2017 Sunoco World Series Mini Stock Feature Results

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Mini Stocks Feature Race (15 Laps)
197Dave Trudeau15
234Nathan Taylor15
387Eric Bourgeois15
421Jacob Perry15
520CTWayne Burroughs Jr.15
62Douglas Curry15
753Andrew Krzeminski15
806Chris Ivory15
93Ian Brew15
1016Mike Anzalone15
1119Nick Matera15
1297CTDJ Trudeau15
1310CTMitchell Bombard15
146Jonathan "JT" Surprenant15
1526Don Simon15
161CTJared Roy11
1733Brandon Andreason8
1810Keith Ballou6
1970Raina Ballou3
2044Steve Michalski0
2131Tommy SilvaDNQ
September 10, 2017

2017 Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Mini Stock Feature Results

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2017 - Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint; For The Fans Night Mini Stock Feature Results
197Dave Trudeau15
221Jacob Perry15
320Wayne Burroughs Jr.15
487Eric Bourgeois15
544Steve Michalski15
697CTDJ Trudeau15
72Douglas Curry15
810CTMitchell Bombard15
916Mike Anzalone15
1019Nick Matera11
1110Keith Ballou6
1234Nathan TaylorDQ
136Jonathan "JT" SurprenantDNS
August 9, 2017

2017 Bud 'King of Beers' 150

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Mini Stock Feature
120Wayne Burroughs Jr15
234Nathan Taylor15
321Jacob Perry15
41CTJared Roy15
544Steve Michalski15
687Eric Bourgeois15
72Douglas Curry15
816Mike Anzalone15
93Ian Brew15
1010CTMitchell Bombard15
1197CTDJ Trudeau12
1237Jordan Hadley11
1310Keith Ballou5
1419Nick Matera1
1531Tommy Silva
1697Dave TrudeauDNS
July 11, 2017

2017 Inaugural NASCAR Busch North Throwback 100

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Mini Stock Finish
120Wayne Burroughs Jr16
234Nathan Taylor16
387Eric Bourgeois16
42Douglas Curry16
531Tommy Silva16
616Mike Anzalone16
719Nick Matera16
810Keith Ballou16
944Steve Michalski16
1010CTMitchell Bombard16
1197CTDJ Trudeau14
123Ian Brew7
1321Jacob Perry6
1497Dave Trudeau4
June 14, 2017

2017 Thompson 125 - Mini Stocks

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2017 Thompson 125 - Mini Stocks
1.87Eric Bourgeois15
2.20Wayne Burroughs Jr15
3.2Douglas Curry15
4.16Mike Anzalone15
5.21Jacob Perry15
6.10CTMitchell Bombard15
7.3Ian Brew15
8.19Nick Matera15
9.1CTJared Roy15
10.97CTDJ Trudeau15
11.10Keith Ballou15
12.44Steve Michalski14
13.50Scott Bellisle14
14.34Nathan Taylor8
15.97Dave Trudeau1
16.1RIRoger Ducharme
May 21, 2017

2017 Limited Sportsman Long Distance & Military Night, Presented by Pepsi

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120 Wayne Burroughs Jr15
234Nathan Taylor15
321Jacob Perry15
444Steve Michalski15
597Dave Trudeau15
625Charles Canfield15
753Andrew Krzeminski15
847Lawrence Loomis Jr15
931Tommy Silva15
1016Mike Anzalone15
1187Eric Bourgeois15
1210CTMitchell Bombard15
1319Nick Matera15
1497CTDJ Trudeau15
1545Jeff Civardi15
1642Ian Brew15
171RIJared Roy11
1850Scott Bellisle7
1910Keith Ballou7
202Douglas Curry
2124Brad CaddickDQ
2237Jordan HadleyDQ
April 10, 2017

2017 Icebreaker - Mini Stock Feature

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Mini Stocks Feature Race (15 Laps)
1.97Dave Trudeau15
2.87Eric Bourgeois15
3.20Wayne Burroughs Jr.15
4.26Jeff Moffat Sr.15
5.34Roger Ducharme15
6.47Larry Loomis Jr.15
7.44Steve Michalski15
8.3Ian Brew15
9.16Mike Anzalone15
10.19Nick Matera15
11.10CTMitch Bombard15
12.84William Schoeler15
14.97CtDave Trudeau Jr.15
15.24Brad Caddick10
16.2Doug Curry10
17.10Keith Ballou8
18.1RIJared Roy7
19.21Jacob Perry1
October 15, 2016

Sunoco World Series - Mini Stock

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187Eric Bourgeois15
297Dave Trudeau15
320Wayne Burroughs Jr.15
451CTMark Panaroni15
506Chris Ivory15
684William Schoeler15
734Roger Ducharme15
838Ed Field15
997CtDoug Curry15
103Ian Brew15
1144Steve Michalski15
1219Nick Matera15
1324Brad Caddick15
1410Keith Ballou14
151Nate Taylor9
1650Scott Bellisle4
August 24, 2016

Pepsi Back to School Night - Mini Stock Feature

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120Wayne Burroughs Jr.15
224Brad Caddick15
334Roger Ducharme15
487Eric Bourgeois15
57Christopher Viens15
644Steve Michalski15
738Ed Field15
850Scott Bellisle15
919Nick Matera15
1010Keith Ballou15
1197Dave Trudeau5
DQ1Nate Taylor5
August 10, 2016

Bud 150 - Mini Stock Feature

Wayne Burroughs, Jr. increased his points lead with a win in the 20-lap Mini Stock feature.

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In the Mini Stocks it turned out to be a battle of the 24's as Joe Baxter and Brad Caddick fought it out in the closing laps for a win in the division. Despite starting in the rear of the field, Baxter worked his way to the front in methodical fashion to claim a win in the mini stock division. Baxter was later disqualified, giving the win to Wayne Burroughs, Jr.


Reigning champions Dave Trudeau suffered another scare as he continues his push for his second consecutive series title. Close calls seem to be a trend for Trudeau lately as he barely missed a first lap multi-car incident. The defending champ held on for a fifth place finish but it still was not enough to make up ground on points leader Wayne Burroughs, Jr. who entered the event with a five-point lead.


120Wayne Burroughs Jr.15
224Brad Caddick15
387Eric Bourgeois15
497Dave Trudeau15
538Ed Field15
644Steve Michalski15
71Nate Taylor15
819Nick Matera15
910CTMitch Bombard15
1010Keith Ballou15
1197CtDave Trudeau Jr14
127Christopher Viens14
1334Roger Ducharme4
1450Scott Bellisle
1555Mike Anderson
DQ24RIJoe Baxter15

Race statistics

MINI STOCK FINISH:  1. Wayne Burroughs, Jr. (Oakdale, CT); 2. Brad Caddick (Wyoming, RI); 3. Eric Bourgeois (East Haaddam, CT); 4. Dave Trudeau (Mansfield, CT); 5. Ed Field (Deep River, CT); 6. Steve Michalski (Brooklyn, CT); 7. Nathan Taylor (Brooklyn, CT); 8. Nick Matera Warwick, RI); 9. Mitch Bombard (Willimantic, CT); 10. Keith Ballou (Pascoag, RI); 11. Dave Trudeau, Jr. (Mansfield, CT); 12. Christopher Viens (Putnam, CT); 13. Roger Ducharme (Foster, RI); 14. Scott Bellisle (Wauregan, CT); 15. Mike Anderson (Oxford, MA) DQ Joe Baxter (Pascoag, RI)

Great racing at a great price.....plenty of cars, and you can't beat the concession prices!