Sunoco Modified results

September 4, 2014

Sunoco Modified Feature #2

Keith Rocco wins second Sunoco Modified feature of the night after a battle with Todd Ceravolo

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Rocco was again the man to beat in the second of the twin features. Rocco took the lead from Todd Ceravolo on lap 14 and never looked back.

Chadwick led the field to green and held off a challenge from Shawn Thibeault to stay out there. Thibeault, however, continued to challenge for the lead after holding off a three-wide battle for second. Todd Ceravolo charged to the front on lap five and took over the lead from Chadwick before Rocco got into the mix. The duo pulled away from the rest of the field by ten car lengths before Preece moved up to third. Caution tightened the field back up on lap 12.

Ceravolo drove back out front on the restart, but Rocco took it away coming out of turn two on lap 14. Ceravolo fought back, but couldn’t get a run strong enough to drive back by for the lead. The field settled in single-file as Rocco pulled ahead to a commanding lead that he would never relinquish.

188Keith Rocco 25
216Todd Ceravolo 25
331Ryan Preece 25
458Shawn Thibeault 25
56Max Zachem 25
677Danny Cates 25
75Cam McDermott 25
827Tyler Chadwick 25
952John Catania 25
106Kerry Malone 25
1136Jason Sundeen 25
123Troy Talman 15
137Andrew Charron 12
1454Joey Parker 10
1575Joe Gada 4
August 14, 2014

Sunoco Modified Feature

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Position CarDriverLaps
179Kerry Malone 30
216Todd Ceravolo 30
388Keith Rocco 30
431Ryan Preece 30
55Cam McDermott 30
677Danny Cates 30
752John Catania 30
827Tyler Chadwick 30
96Ken Barry 30
107Andrew Charron 30
1160Andrew Major 29
121Andrew Dzenkowski 29
136Stan Mertz 29
1457Matt Rzewnicki 8
153Troy Talman 3
July 30, 2014

Sunoco Modified 20/20 Sprint

Ryan Preece takes advantages of competitor mishaps to sweep last two segments and take overall win.

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Thompson, Conn.: Ryan Preece took advantage of missteps from his competition to claim victory in a special 20/20 Sprint event of the Sunoco Modified Series at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on Wednesday, July 30th. The night included Thompson’s four NASCAR Whelen All-American Series divisions, along with the Vintage Outlaws, taking to the track for a night that would include its share of drama and exciting racing resulting in hard fought victories for some of the track's most prominent contenders.

The night's big event was the Sunoco Modified Series 20/20 Sprint event which was separated into three segments, two twenty laps races and a ten lap shootout to the finish. The first twenty laps saw drivers lined up through qualifying while the second segment inverted the field using the results of the first race. The third and final segment lined drivers up based on lap times from the first segment with the most consistent driver, or the one with the least amount of points after all three races, winning the overall event.

The first segment saw Thompson regular Keith Rocco of Berlin, Connecticut dominate while another Thompson Speedway regular and current Sunoco Modified points leader Ryan Preece battled Kerry Malone and Woody Pitkat for position in the top four. Rocco went on to win the first segment and commented on his victory, "You know we were a little off in the heat race. We found something that was throwing the car off and we fixed it. I think we learned something here and we have something for the next race."

Unfortunately Rocco's success was short lived when mechanical issues sidelined his efforts in the second segment. Pitkat also suffered mechanical issues during the first two segments leaving Ryan Preece to run away with the second segment and achieve the pole position in the third segment for his fastest lap time in segment one. Preece, Rocco, Pitkat, Malone and Todd Ceravolo were all involved in close quarters racing, at some points three or more wide, throughout the second segment.

Preece entered the third segment with nothing to lose with his closest rivals in the championship standings, Rocco and Pitkat, sidelined. When the green flag waved for the final ten lap sprint he was able to fight off hard-charging Malone to claim the victory and the overall win for the three-part feature. "This car is lightning fast. I'm having a lot of fun," said Preece. "I'm having such a good time racing with all my race teams. It makes it enjoyable to go to the race track, […] and see if we can get some tour wins and keep this success going."

PositionDriverCarSegment 1Segment 2Segment 3
1Ryan Preece31411
2Kerry Malone79242
3Cam McDermott5523
4Todd Ceravolo16334
5Troy Talman3657
6Tyler Chadwick271065
7John Catania52778
8Andrew Dzenkowski1989
9Andrew Major608912
10Andrew Charron7131010
11Stan Mertz6111111
12Woody Pitkat014146
13Dennis Krupski2121213
14Keith Rocco8811399
15Joey Parker54159999
DNSBranden Dion78999999
May 29, 2014

Sunoco Modified Feature

In the regularly scheduled 30-lap Sunoco Modified feature, Preece once again proved to be the man to beat as he held off Pitkat on a late-race restart for his second straight win.

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In the regularly scheduled 30-lap Sunoco Modified feature, Preece once again proved to be the man to beat as he held off Pitkat on a late-race restart for his second straight win.

Kerry Malone took the early lead with Tyler Chadwick and Matt Gallo rounding out the top-three. The man on the move, however, was Preece who made it into the second position by lap nine – just before a caution slowed the pace.

Preece drove straight to the front when racing resumed with Malone fighting off the challenges of Woody Pitkat. On lap 14, Pitkat dove underneath Malone heading into turn three and took over the second spot. Meanwhile, Preece pulled ahead to a ten-car length lead. Rocco, however, was coming through the pack and up to fourth at lap 20.

Pitkat reeled in Preece to a car length by lap 22 and the duo ran a full straightaway ahead of the rest of the field. They seemed unstoppable until a caution tightened the two up for a three-lap dash to the checkers.

On the restart, Preece came out ahead of Pitkat and Rocco, but a multi-car crash involving Dennis Perry, who hit the inside wall head-on, and Andrew Dzenkowski. Andrew Charron was also involved.

Preece and Pitkat went into turn one dead even with Preece getting the credit for the lead at the line. Preece held the lead by a nose as they took the white flag, but Pitkat did not have enough to mount a successful challenge. Preece took the checkers once again.

1Ryan Preece 3130
2Woody Pitkat 030
3Keith Rocco 8830
4Danny Cates 2630
5Kerry Malone 7930
6Tyler Chadwick 2730
7Troy Talman 330
8Matt Gallo 7730
9Cam McDermott 530
10Andrew Major 6030
11Todd Cerevolo 1630
12Stan Mertz 629
13Dennis Perry 2127
14Andrew Dzenkowski 127
15Andrew Charron 727
16John Catania 5217
17Joey Parker 5412
May 29, 2014

Sunoco Modified Remaining Feature (May 15)

The Sunoco Modified division kicked off their night with the remaining 17 laps of a feature held over from May 15 with Ryan Preece in victory lane. Preece held off Keith Rocco on a late-race restart for the win.

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The Sunoco Modified division kicked off their night with the remaining 17 laps of a feature held over from May 15 with Ryan Preece in victory lane. Preece held off Keith Rocco on a late-race restart for the win.

Woody Pitkat, Rocco, and Preece made up the top-three when the race was postponed two weeks ago. When the green dropped, however, it was Keith Rocco out front before caution slowed the pace at lap 14.

Rocco, Pitkat and Preece ran nose-to-tail when racing resumed and pulled away by five car lengths over the fourth place car of Danny Cates. Kerry Malone rounded out the top-five as he led a pack of five cars a half a straightaway behind Cates.

A long green flag run ensued with Pitkat making his move on lap 25. He dove underneath Rocco in turn two and the duo ran side-by-side for half-a-lap before Rocco reclaimed the lead. Preece took over second. On lap 27, Pitkat went around Preece on the outside to try and take over second, but caution came out when a car spun on the backstretch.

On the restart, Preece was able to muscle his way by Rocco to take over the lead, but the battle wasn’t finished yet. Rocco was looking for a way around Preece when caution came out and tightened the two up once again.

After a false start, the racing resumed with Preece out front by an inch at the line. The two continued their side-by-side battle before a wreck on the backstretch brought out the caution and allowed Preece to take the checkers under yellow flag conditions.

1Ryan Preece 3131
2Keith Rocco 8831
3Danny Cates 2631
4Todd Cerevolo 1631
5Woody Pitkat 031
6Matt Gallo 7731
7Cam McDermott 531
8Tyler Chadwick 2731
9Troy Talman 331
10Kerry Malone 7931
11Andrew Charron 731
12Stan Mertz 631
13Andrew Major 6031
14Paul Newcomb 7130
15Andrew Dzenkowski 129
16John Catania 5219
17Dennis Perry 2113
April 6, 2014

Icebreaker Racing Results - Sunoco Modified

Keith Rocco takes second win of the day in the Sunoco Modified feature in the #88.

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Thompson, CT - Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park opened the season in grand style with Keith Rocco of Berlin, Conn. earning two NASCAR Whelen All American Series wins in one day in both the Sunoco Modified and Late Model divisions. Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y. took the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour win over Woody Pitkat. Shawn Monahan of Waterford, Conn. earned his second in as many days in the Xtra Mart Limited Sportsman division while Steve Dickey, Jr. of Londonderry, N.H. checkered the Monster Mini Stocks. Mike O’Sullivan of Springfield, Mass. won the Granite State Pro Stock Series 50-lap affair and Vintage Outlaw checkers flew for Joe Baxter of Pascoag, R.I. Keith Rocco’s mastery of restarts helped earn him a win in the Sunoco Modified 30-lap feature, and earned him his second win of the day during Icebreaker weekend.

“We were gaining on him (Cam McDermott) little by little, but we needed that caution in the worst way,” said Rocco from victory lane.

Cam McDermott drove out to the early lead, but all eyes were on the battle between Woody Pitkat and Ryan Preece for the third spot. Pitkat settled into the position as Rocco got into the mix and took over fourth. Pitkat, Rocco, and Preece were nose-to-tail and battling hard. Meanwhile, McDermott had put a comfortable distance over Kerry Malone. At lap 10, Rocco began to bear down on Malone’s second place position and on lap 11 dove to the bottom groove to attempt a pass. Rocco couldn’t quite complete the pass and settled back in behind Malone in third. Rocco tried again on the following circuit, but this time took over the second position coming out of turn two.

As the race reached the 15-lap mark, McDermott had a commanding lead over Rocco, Malone, Preece, Todd Ceravolo, and Pitkat. The field began to stretch out before a caution flew at lap 21 and tightened them back up again.

McDermott and Rocco went side-by-side into turns one and two and were dead even as they approached turn three. Caution halted their battle after a car spun in turn two. Rocco drove to the front when racing resumed with McDermott holding off Preece for the second spot, but a three-car wreck on the front stretch would put Rocco and McDermott back together again.

Rocco drove to the front with McDermott in tow. Pitkat and Preece were side-by-side for third with Preece getting the position. Preece attached himself to McDermott’s bumper before driving underneath him and take over second coming into turn four on lap 24. Rocco held on to the lead through two more restarts. Preece gave Rocco a solid challenge, but he went high in turn two after some contact giving Pitkat a window to take over the second position. Rocco pulled ahead to a five-car length advantage and the eventual win as Pitkat held off Preece for second.

PositionDriverCarLapsAvg. Speed
1Keith Rocco883043.08
2Woody Pitkat003043.056
3Ryan Preece313043.053
4Todd Cerevolo163043.046
5Cam McDermott53043.036
6Paul Newcomb713043.022
7Kerry Malone793043.012
8Dennis Perry2123119.434
9Danny Cates263043.001
10Andrew Charron73042.932
11Tyler Chadwick273042.926
12Joey Boivin283042.91
13Matt Galko853042.898
14John Catania523042.863
15Andrew Major603042.858
16Andrew Dzenkowski013042.846
17Stan Mertz62941.407
18Matt Gallo772454.878
19Jason Sundeen362454.756
20Joey Parker54799.914
DNSTroy Talman3-
DNSDennis Krupski2-